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Major foreign investors have been operating and expanding in Cuba since the 1990’s, and today there is a push to attract levels of foreign capital never before seen. 


Successful ventures are aligned with Cuba’s interests and are viable under both Cuban and U.S. law. Companies in Cuba generally have long-term vision, a good understanding of local conditions, and patience to address both countries’ regulatory requirements.

Our Consulting Services 


Our consulting begins with an understanding of your project and a research-based evaluation of its potential. We help clients to present project ideas and we organize exploratory visits so they meet the people and institutions in Cuba that will make decisions and figure in their success.

Expert-led delegations

We have organized visits for companies with a specific deal in mind, as well as for industry associations who want to learn the lay of the land. We handle your visa and logistical arrangements. In all cases, we work with Cubans in and out of government to ensure that the program meets client goals.

Research and Analysis

We leverage our experience and local contacts to provide market intelligence and analysis that helps clients to make informed decisions about entering the Cuba market and to build sound business strategies for success.

Compliance and licensing

Based on long experience, we understand the U.S. regulations that govern business and travel to Cuba. We take compliance seriously. We work with clients and their legal counsel to obtain any necessary licenses and to ensure that all activities are fully consistent with U.S. law. We also assist clients with Cuban registration and licensing processes.

Agriculture: special USDA programs

Recent changes in U.S. law make it possible for exporters to use basic Department of Agriculture export promotion programs (MAP and FMD) in Cuba. Effective use of these funds, carried out in compliance with U.S. regulations, can help your company to succeed in the Cuba market. 

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