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Expert-led travel for pleasure, learning, and business

U.S.-Cuba Business Conference

Duration: 4 Days - NEW!

Description: NEW! FocusCuba and the Cuban Chamber of Commerce are organizers. How can Americans do business in Cuba under U.S. and Cuban law? Despite U.S. restrictions, exporting, importing, and even investment are possible. Our conference will show what is possible and put a special emphasis on the new opportunities to do business directly with Cuban private enterprises

When: September 2023

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U.S. Agriculture Conference

Duration: 4 Days

Description: An annual conference that brings together U.S. agriculture producers, trade groups, agri-business, and policy makers.

When: May 12 - 16, 2024

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Customized Trips

Duration: 3-7 days

Description: Interested in seeing Cuba and looking for a legal way to go? We show you the country, its culture, and Cuba's vibrant private sector - all in a way that fully complies with U.S. regulations.

When: All months


Food & Music Tour

Duration: Long-weekend introduction or 6 day/5 night tours.

Description: Explore Cuba's booming culinary world both in the city and country. Meet the chef's and farmers who make it all happen. Along the way, learn from experts about Cuba's culture, politics, business, agriculture, cigars, rum, and music.

When: All months


Professional Meetings

Duration: 5 Days

Description: We have organized business meetings, conferences and delegations for individuals and organizations including U.S. Congressional, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Potatoes U.S.A., U.S. Soybean Association, MassBio, and the Country Music Association. Let us help you organize your.

When: All months


FocusCuba organizes travel to Cuba that suits our clients’ interests.

Tours are led by two partners who each has more than 20 years experience working in Cuba in business, travel, academic, and political work. We cater to clients’ needs and interests and to that end, we operate dozens, not hundreds of tours per year.

For first-time travelers, we organize long-weekend introductions to Cuba and its culture. For specialists, we organize itineraries that concentrate on business, agriculture, sports, health care or any area of interest. For many, we mix professional exchanges with activities that present Cuba’s history and culture. And we always emphasize the private sector and bring it our business - the restaurants, farms, and cooperatives that are a dynamic part of Cuba's economy.

Our tours have ranged in size from four first-time travelers, to a business conference with 95 participants. We organize everything: lodging, ground transportation, agenda, meals, translation, and special needs.

Contact us for details and registration.

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